HELP YOU and your CHILD achieve a sustainable healthy lifestyle.


I created LS Fitness in 2019. I’m currently a wife, mother, kinesiologist, and nutrition & fitness coach in Miami, Florida and have been working with clients for over four years.

My love and passion for a healthy lifestyle began in 2012 after gaining more than 65 pounds while pregnant with my first child. I learned just how serious poor eating habits can impact a person’s self-image and overall health. Determined to regain my confidence, I began a relentless journey to reclaim my physical and mental well-being. Fitness became my passion, and I started training others to share my passion and commitment.

I was a fitness trainer at a local gym when the national response to COVID-19 forced the facility to close. Little did I know that the global pandemic would change the world and force most gyms to close their doors, some permanently.

Rather than try to find another career during the pandemic, I saw an opportunity to engage my clients in a new way – I began meeting them at local parks and outdoors to train them, in their own backyards, and remotely over Zoom sessions. This approach has allowed me to make deeper personal connections with my clients. This interpersonal dynamic motivated me to continue with this training approach and establish my own company in the summer of 2019.